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You have done it again.  For Fall 08 there were about 285 "class seats" taken, a record. (Number enrolled times the number of classes for which they enrolled.)  For Spring 09, there are more than 320 class seats taken, for a new record.  We trust that your classes will meet your needs and you will enjoy experiencing new techniques.  Classes will start on January 5 so there still is time to enroll for a class.  However, some classes are full so be sure to check at a service desk to see if there still is space.  To meet the big demand, the instructors are offering second sections for six courses.


There are many news things in the works.  These will be covered in the next issue since I am sure you are too busy thinking about Christmas to be thinking about computer classes.  Unless you think Santa might bring you a new computer.


It was nice to see many of you at the Roundup.  Hope it helped you to find which class was right for you. 


Now for a confession.  Wow, is my face red.  Turns out that the graphic in the last e-Notes had a serious typo.  That means I did a lousy job of proofing.  Well, here is how it happened.  I was in a hurry to get it in the "mail" so you would have 12 Days till the Roundup.  Since this happened, the teacher in me says let's turn this into a learning experience.  Getting a graphic into a Gmail is a multi-stage operation.  The graphic was prepared in Word, using WordArt.  It had to be done twice since "Computer College Roundup" as one entry was unreadable when it was wrapped.  Then it was necessary to change both the fill and outline of the letters.  Next, copy the graphic to Paint to size and crop it.  Now save it as JPEG to Pictures.  Preparing a Google document is the next step.  Insert the graphic (browse your pictures) into the Gdoc.  You are almost there.  Now compose your Gmail and you can copy and paste the graphic into the body.  Seems that I was more interested in how the graphic looked that how to spell "computer"  Am I forgiven.  Have a Merry Christmas.