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Apparently a number of the residents did not receive the First Edition of e-Notes due to a variety of reasons.  It seems that in most cases it was due to a blocker employed by your e-mail server.  This blocks any e-mail that was addressed to a number of persons as a means to block spam.  Some servers will send it to spam but others simply block it and you never see it.


In an attempt to find out the magnitude of the problem, we are sending this email to each address individually.  If you have already received the original First Edition, DO NOT RESPOND.  If this is the first time you have received an email with the Computer College e-Notes masthead, please just CLICK ON REPLY AND THEN SEND.  This way we will know that we will have to either create small groups of addressees or send it individually. 


Again, we welcome any comments or suggestions.  We hope this will become a valuable source of information for you.



                 Welcome to the first edition of e-Notes

 Do you feel sometimes as if you are the last one to hear the news?  In this day of instant communication that can be changed.  Many of you have taken Computer College classes and volunteered your time and would like to know more about the Computer College activities and plans.  That's where the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) can help.

First, just who is the CCSC?  As you know, the Computer College at Shell Point is under the umbrella of Shell Point Academy.  However, it is almost exclusively a resident program.  Since there were many residents contributing to various parts, it became apparent that the effort needed some form of organization.  Thus, the Computer College Steering Committee (CCSC) was born.  Currently CCSC is composed of 8 residents with the task of bringing to focus the efforts of many who contribute to the Computer College.

What exactly does CCSC do?  Starting about 4 months before the next term, CCSC begins planning.  Through surveys and enrollment data, we try to determine which classes the residents want.  Then instructors must be contacted to determine their preferences for classes and schedule.  All the information is incorporated into a new brochure.  Now all the classes have to be scheduled, giving consideration as to where each should be taught.  In addition, CCSC continues to study new technology to decide if we should offer classes to try to meet new needs. 

That's all background stuff.  Now for some news.  Just today a draft of the brochure for the Spring 2009 term was sent to all the instructors for final editing.  It will be an exciting time.  You enthusiastically supported the experiment in the Fall term of having Workshops so you could fine tune your skills in a particular area.  Building on that, next term 2-session workshops will also be offered.  This will help both the instructor and the student to get a better handle on the subject.  They are all Level 2 courses.  A number of these will be taught for the first time here at Shell Point.  Of course the regular courses from Level 0 to 3 that have been so popular will again be offered. 


In future editions of e-Notes there will be reports on new registration procedures and the time-table for registration events.  Before registration there will also be a "sneak preview" of classes to be offered so you will have a chance to give serious consideration just which classes you might like to take.

We hope that you will make e-Notes a "must read".  If, however, you find it just clutters up you in-box, please let us know and we will promptly remove your name from the list of nearly 300 residents interested in computers.  If any of your Shell Point friends or neighbors didn't receive e-Notes, please have them send us their e-mail address.

Happy computing.